Information Use

Nuwa can be booked via Stayfolio's real-time reservation system.

For reservation inquiries and shooting inquiries, please contact 0504-0904-2313.

Things to check before booking

- A rental house where one team can use the whole space for one day.

- You can only book one or two people.

- Visitors are not allowed to stay in the hotel.

- 2 nights stay, towel change and cleaning are not provided.

- For stays of 3 nights or more, bed linen and towels will be replaced and cleaned in the middle.

- Due to the nature of the unattended accommodation, CCTV is installed in the direction of the main gate for security.

Reservation Guide

- After making a reservation, the payment will be confirmed according to the payment method.

- If payment is not received within 12 hours after the application, the reservation will be canceled.

- If the reservation is duplicated on one day, the reservation will be confirmed in the order of application, not the order of payment.

- Cash receipts can be issued at the time of account transfer. Please apply at the time of reservation.

- Please call us at 0504-0904-2313 to change or cancel your reservation.

- Please contact us by telephone in advance for commercial shooting or rental.

Facilities & Supplies

- WIFI, air conditioning, sitting table, sofa, mini fridge, coffee pot, Bluetooth speaker, several books, tea set, coffee drip bag, cup, small bowl, bottled water

- shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash, toothpaste, bath salt, face towel, body towel, hair dryer, comb

Guide to bathtub use

- Liquid, powder, and foam baths are available.

- Do not use petal, potpourri or herb because it may cause drainage problems.


The price with nuwa.

Standard / maximum number

1 person charge

2 person charge
1/2170,000 won230,000 won

- Weekends and weekend rates are the same.

Consecutive discounts

Application criteria


Weekdays (Sun-Thurs) Stay 2 nights or more

10% off the total amount

- When making a reservation, the discount will be automatically applied at the payment stage.

- Not applicable to promotional discounts.

Refund Policy

We will give you the refund amount based on the following date when refunding.

10 days before use

100% refund of total payment

9 days before use90% refund of total payment
8 days before use

80% refund of total payment

7 days before use70% refund of total payment
6 days before use60% refund of total payment
days before use50% refund of total payment
4 days before use40% refund of total payment
3 days before useNo change / refunds

Way to come

- Address: 118-4, Nuhadong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

- No parking space. We recommend public transportation.

- The nearest public parking lot is [Singyo public parking lot].